Wednesday, January 23, 2019

100th Day Project

Our class has been adding one number for each school day during Calendar! The 100th day of school is going to be FEBRUARY 8th (unless we have another snow day!), and it will be a major celebration! There will be two projects we will need your help with that need to be completed at home.

Project 1
One part of our celebration will be to create a 100 Museum containing collections of 100 things brought in by each child. Children have been thinking about things they might collect, such as a chain of 100 paper clips, 100 pennies, a necklace with 100 beads, or 100 legos! We have been talking about ways to count the collections without losing track of our numbers. Making groups of 10 is a great way to count and display the objects.

Children may need a little help gathering materials, but they should be able to do most of the work themselves. Your child can bring in his or her collection as soon as it is ready. We look forward to a rewarding mathematical day!

Project 2
The second activity we will be doing is 100th Day Trail Mix. This is different than our math 100 day collection. In order to make the trail mix, we need YOUR HELP!

Every student needs to bring in 100 of some kind of  dry snack item. For example, your child could bring in 100 cheerios. It is important that their ziploc bag is labeled with their name, contains a dry snack food item, and is NUT FREE. Here are some great ideas you and your child could count out to bring in:

Chocolate chips
Fruit Gummies

Your child can bring in their labeled bag with 100 of the item any time during the week leading up to February 8th.