Monday, October 29, 2018

First Day of Reading Program!

Today was the first day of the Emergent Reading Program for your student!!

Here is the procedure for when your child brings home their Reading Program Bag:

Read the note in the spiral notebook from the adult who read with your child at school today. Find a special place and get comfortable! Read the book to your child, placing your finger under each word as you read.

Give the book to your child and ask him/her to read it TO YOU! They are very excited and very proud to be reading! We understand that the first step is memorizing a predictable book--that is how they begin to learn to read.

It’s important for your child to develop an interest in books. It should be a fun and positive experience. Please don’t be critical when they make mistakes.

If your child gets stuck on a word, encourage him/her to look at the pictures for clues. You may also ask your child to identify the first letter of the word and the sound the letter makes. If they still cannot figure it out, tell them the word and move on.

If your child is interested in doing more after reading the book, there are plenty of conversations you can have. Some ideas are: counting the words on each page, asking questions about the story (Where did the story take place? Who was in the story? etc.), or even having them think of a page that could come next in the book if they were the author!

Once you and your child finish the book, please write a quick note in the spiral notebook to let us know how it went! Positive words only :) Classroom volunteers will be reading your messages and writing back.

You will find alphabet cards in your child’s bag. Everyone will have these cards in the bag even if your child knows all the letters. It is to get acquainted with the reading program routine. To practice the alphabet cards, the child needs to say the letter, the word (from the picture), and the sound. For example, the letter R card has a picture of a rat. The child is expected to say “R, rat, rrrrrr”. Soon your child will have sight word cards in their bag.

Your child’s reading program bag is due back to school on MONDAY AND FRIDAY so they can read with an adult at school those days.